Live Television &
Streaming Productions

Established in 2007, Jet Media specializes in 4 and 5 camera regional events for Television and the Web. Early adopters of a streamlined production model with smaller crews with more versatility, Jet Media was one of the first production companies to embrace this model. This production model has now become a staple around the country.

In the 2018-19 season Jet Media produced 350 sporting events. This included football, basketball, hockey, volleyball, cheerleading, field hockey, lacrosse, swimming, and wrestling. In addition to sporting events, Jet Media has produced studio programming, as well as corporate video and events.

What we do: All aspects of production are done in-house, from pre-production, crewing, graphics, talent and post-production. Our core positions are staff members, solely dedicated to our productions. This ensures a smooth consistent production every time.

Our roster of directors, camera operators, graphics operators, replay operators, on-air talent, ENG camera operators, and editors are among the most experienced in the region. Before you make a decision on the production of your next event, see how we can produce your event cost-effectively at high broadcast quality!

Our Team

Frank Losquadro

President & Founder

Frank is the President and Founder of Jet Media.  He has over 25 years of experience in Live Sports, Post-Production, and Sports Marketing & Branding.

In 2007, Frank founded Jet Media, which was an early adopter and leader in streamlined technology-driven mobile production. Having worked on big budget productions, he saw the advantages of Newtek’s early slogan “TV Truck in a box.”  Using this technology, he and his team have produced 300+ sporting events per year for broadcast television.  “Our clients are true partners,” Frank says.  “Most have been with us for years because they value our professionalism and attention to detail.  We never take anything for granted because we know that we are judged on our last show.”  

Frank’s first job in TV was at CBS Sports.  He spent 5+ years at the NCAA and later worked for the NCAA Football brand in charge of news distribution (producing the syndicated Football Preview show and the Bowl Preview).  Frank also had a leadership role in the launching of CSTV.  He has worked on several ESPN 30 for 30 documentaries and has been a website producer.

Ryan Doyle

VP of Production & Operations

Wendy Yamano

Personnel Management

Jules Jacques

Talent Management

Joesph Giannotti

Graphics Producer

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