Big Truck Quality
Affordable Cost

Live multi-camera production for Linear Television and streaming to OTT platforms is at the heart of what we do!

After over 10 years of producing roughly 300 events per year, we have developed an effective production team that can cover any event from any location. Our productions are cost-efficient and high quality. Our clients include regional cable networks, regional sports networks, college conferences, individual colleges, as well as corporate clients.

Multi-Point Distribution

Linear Television and/or Streaming to OTT Platforms.

Linear Television

  • LTN
  • Satellite Uplink
  • Cellular Bonded


  • Facebook Live
  • Twitter Live
  • YouTube Live
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Wooza
  • RTMP

Live Green Screen Keying

Talent can be keyed and inserted into multi-angle CGI Sets live.

Wow your audience with an impressive set for your talent. Green screens can unlock visuals that are impracticable or not within budget.

Multi-Channel SKYPE

4 Active SKYPE channels with program return.

Bring people into your show that are unable to physically be there through a low latency Skype video call. Great for Interviews, Round Tables, Expert Analysis, Reports, etc...

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